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Coach Today, Lead for Life.

The Legacy of WCA

The Women's Coaching Alliance (WCA) was born from the vision of Pam Baker and her daughters, who sought to honor the legacy of their beloved husband and father, Doug Friedman.

A long-time Burlingame resident and dedicated coach for his daughters, Doug was a firm believer in the power of sports to shape lives and empower women to lead.

He often asked, "Where are all the women coaches?"

His untimely passing in August 2020 inspired his family to create an organization that would carry forward his mission and grow the number of exceptional women coaches and leaders who make a lasting impact on the lives of young athletes.

Connecting, Developing, and Mentoring Female Leaders

At WCA, we are committed to preparing young women to become leaders both within and outside of sports.

By connecting female athletes with coaching opportunities, providing comprehensive development programs, and offering mentorship from experienced leaders, we equip our participants with the skills, confidence, and support they need to lead on the field so they can lead in any field.

Equality, Not Exclusion

Our mission is not about promoting women's leadership to the exclusion of men.

We believe that true success lies in preparing young women to lead in diverse environments, working alongside their male counterparts as equals. WCA focuses on empowering young women with the tools and self-assurance they need to show up confidently on the field, in the office, or on the political trail.

"Sports has the power to shape and change lives in a positive way and there is nothing more important than creating a future in sports that brings in all voices. We all get better when there are diverse perspectives, and we embrace those perspectives.

The work the Women’s Coaching Alliance is doing is critical for creating this space for athletes and coaches. Women deserve all the same opportunities as any other gender and a world with more female role models is a better one."

Roger Goodell

Commissioner of the NFL

"That's what coaching is. You'll figure out the x's and o's but what do players feel every day when they walk in the gym. Coaching is about values - knowing your values.

And for me it's teaching the players to have empathy and compassion for each other, that grows the bond to have a successful season. And it's the exact same stuff - whether you're coaching at the professional, grade school or high school level."

Steve Kerr

NBA Head Coach, Golden State Warriors