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Black Background


We develop female leaders through coaching youth sports.

How We Do It

We connect young women who play sports with coaching opportunities, development and mentorship and prepare them to be leaders within and outside of sports.

Young Women with Backpacks

why it matters

More women coaching

  • Before the passage of Title IX in 1972, more than 90% of women’s college teams were coached by women. Today that number is 40%. (Source)

  • At youth and high school levels, it’s estimated that women make up only 20% of coaches. (Source)


Coach development and mentorship

  • Youth coaches often receive little training. Project Play estimates that only 36% of youth coaches are trained in how to motivate kids effectively. (Source)

  • Development and mentorship are key to going from good to great. As John Wooden famously said, “A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.” 


Coaches develop leadership skills

  • Encouraging failure and creating a great culture are both coaching and leadership skills. And here are more skills that great coaches and leaders share. 

  • Great coaches learn to manage their emotions and tailor their style to the situation, also traits of great leaders. Other linkages here


Great coaches can influence kids

to stay in sport - and that matters


  • ~70% of youth athletes drop out of sports before high school (Source) with kids saying a key reason is it’s no longer fun

  • Kids who stop playing can miss key benefits, with sports participation associated with an array of educational, physical, mental, social and emotional benefits (Source)

  • Playing sports is correlated with career success: 95% of Fortune 500 executives played high school sports (Source) and 80% of female executives were athletes (Source)

why the wca mission matters

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