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About Us

Coach Today. Lead for Life.

Doug Friedman, who was a Burlingame resident and long-time coach for his daughters, passed away in August of 2020. Doug benefited from both playing and coaching sports, and as an advocate of the women around him, encouraged women to join him to coach and lead. In his memory, his wife Pam Baker and her daughters created the vision to build on his legacy and grow the number of awesome women coaches and leaders who positively impact kids for life. 

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By connecting female Athletes with coaching opportunities, development and mentoring, Women’s Coaching Alliance prepares young women to be leaders within and outside of sports.


We are not about women leading to the exclusion of men. If we prepare young women to be leaders in an all-women’s environment, we are not setting them up for success.

What we ARE focused on is providing young women with the support and confidence to show up as equals on the field, in the office or on the political trail. 

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Tomorrow’s female leaders are today’s role models for every kid playing sports.

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We believe that

when more young women see coaching experience as leadership experience, more will raise their hands to coach. Investing in these young women are at the core of our values because then: 
  • More kids will see women as leaders and role models early on. 
  • More communities will have the coaches they need so more kids can play. 
  • More young women will see the value of making a difference in their communities. 
  • More young women will speak confidently about the leadership skills they learned through coaching. 
  • More mentors will emerge to support these young women making a difference.
  • More young women will emerge with the foundational skills, confidence, and support to lead. 
  • More organizations will have a growing pool of leader-ready young women to hire in their communities for roles in business, sports, community organizations, non-profits, education and beyond.
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