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Case for Support

The mission of Women’s Coaching Alliance (WCA) is to develop female leaders through coaching youth sports. We connect female athletes with coaching opportunities, development, mentorship and prepare them to be leaders within and outside of sports. 


Founded in 2022 in Burlingame, CA, WCA was inspired by Doug Friedman who experienced the power of sports and great coaching as a kid. A dad of daughters, Doug was committed to giving that same experience to other kids and engaging women to join him. When Doug died in 2020 from pancreatic cancer, his wife Pam Baker and their two daughters set out to build on his legacy. WCA is the result.



  • Estimates are it will take 132 years to reach leadership gender parity in the US

  • Just 20% of NCAA Division 1 coaches and only 10% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women

  • This trend plays out on community athletic fields, the entry level of sport leadership. Nationally, only 25% of youth coaches are women.


To accelerate leadership gender parity, WCA is creating a pipeline of future leaders, women ages 15-26 who develop transferable leadership skills, and the competence and confidence to lead anywhere. By expanding the number of trained female coaches, the WCA model:

  • Gives young women the skills and pathway to become confident leaders 

  • Provides young women the opportunity to experience the value of mentors 

  • Creates more coaches so more kids can play - and enjoy it enough to want to return the following season

  • Expands visibility of women as leadership role models, creating a new norm

Led by an exceptional Board of Directors, WCA has created a model in the Burlingame community that can scale and be implemented in any community, including those traditionally underserved. With your financial support we can begin that work NOW. The WCA budget reflects our commitment to our mission as we invite you to invest. Please join us. 

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