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Womens Softball

 Coach Today, Lead for Life.

By Connecting Female Athletes With Coaching Opportunities, Development And Mentoring, 
Women’s Coaching Alliance Prepares Young Women To Be Leaders Within And Outside Of Sports.

 Partners of Women's coaching Alliance 

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Young Footballers on Bench
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One woman’s vision for more female coaches takes root, with help from the NFL and others

Encircled by 30 or so teenage girls in the end zone of a high school practice field, Pam Baker...


Coach Like a Girl

Before I can ask Pam Baker a substantive question, she has one for me: You mentioned you coach. What sport? I beam, and excitedly tell her how I’m the assistant coach of my younger son’s soccer team.


Women’s Coaching Alliance setting the field for leadership

It’s game time for San Mateo County’s women athletes as one Burlingame organization sets its eyes on boosting the number of female coaches out on courts and fields this fall through a new mentorship program.

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Women’s Coaching Alliance 

Last weekend’s Women’s Coaching Alliance conference was light years beyond what some of us gamely attempted in the late 1970s. Two generations ago, the modest idea was to alert girls and women about the athletic opportunities afforded by the passage of Title IX, the 1972 federal law that requires


A level playing field: local organization empowers women in sports leadership

While athletes are often at the center of discussions about gender disparity in sports, the coaching industry frequently lacks the same attention. A Burlingame-based organization has their sights set on tackling this issue


commissioner of the nfl 

"Sports has the power to shape and change lives in a positive way and there is nothing more important than creating a future in sports that brings in all voices. We all get better when there are diverse perspectives, and we embrace those perspectives. The work the Women’s Coaching Alliance is doing is critical for creating this space for athletes and coaches. Women deserve all the same opportunities as any other gender and a world with more female role models is a better one."


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Steve Kerr

Nba Head coach
Golden State Warriors   

"That's what coaching is. You'll figure out the x's and o's but what do players feel every day when they walk in the gym. Coaching is about values - knowing your values. And for me it's teaching the players to have empathy and compassion for each other, that grows the bond to have a successful season. And it's the exact same stuff - whether you're coaching at the professional, grade school or high school level."

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