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Change Lives

As a coach, you become a role model for younger kids and have a special opportunity to empower and inspire them to succeed.

Build Your Confidence

Develop leadership skills, gain confidence, and learn how to handle tough conversations and decisions through coaching youth sports.

Close the Gap

Prepare to lead the way to a future where the wage gap between men and women closes and opportunities for women to lead abound. 

There aren't enough women coaching sports.

It's time to change the game.

Together, we are shattering these obstacles to equity in athletics.

Scarcity of Welcoming Environments

The opportunities for young women to coach in welcoming, supportive environments are frustratingly rare. Many young women feel there's no place for them in coaching, and we’re here to change that.

Underrepresentation of Female Coaches

Women hold only a small fraction of coaching positions in athletics, leaving aspiring female leaders without the role models they need.

Lack of Mentorship and Training

Strong mentorship and training programs designed for young women coaches are even harder to find, making it difficult for young women to gain the support and guidance they need to succeed.

About Us

Coach Today,
Lead for Life.

Women's Coaching Alliance (WCA) 3-month coaching programs are designed to do far more than give you the chance to coach. We surround you with the support you need to grow.

Comprehensive Training

Our Leadership Academy equips you with the knowledge and tools to coach effectively from day one.

Mentorship from Accomplished Leaders

You'll receive guidance from two incredible mentors – one from the athletic world and one successful business or community leader – who will support you throughout the season.

Supportive Community

Share your journey with a coaching partner and a tight-knit community of fellow coaches who will inspire and encourage you every step of the way.

Valuable Compensation

You're paid for your work because your time, effort and growth are valuable!

Why young women say they want to coach

We asked our Women's Coaching Alliance coaches why they stepped up to coach younger kids sports teams.
Hear their 'why's:

How to Start Coaching

As a coach, you'll have the unique opportunity to motivate and guide young athletes while honing your own leadership abilities. You'll work alongside a co-coach and receive support from two dedicated mentors throughout the season, ensuring you have the guidance and resources you need to succeed.


Apply to
Be a Coach

Help us get to know you and share your why that's motivating you to step up and coach.


Attend the
Leadership Academy

Get to know your co-coach and mentors while Inspiring coaches get you ready for the season.


Start Coaching
Your Team

Dive in, become a role model for younger girls, and help them realize how much they are capable of!

Why Coach?

Never coached before? 
Wondering what it would be like to coach? Hear from some of our coaches and their experience coaching a youth team.

Coach Today, Lead For Life.

The confidence and skills our participants gain while coaching youth sports prepare them for a future of leadership and equip them to build a more equitable world.


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Partners and Sponsors of Women's Coaching Alliance

Together with our partners, we're creating more opportunities for young women to coach today and lead for life.


Developing Female Leaders Through Coaching Youth Sports

By connecting female athletes with coaching opportunities, development and mentoring, Women’s Coaching Alliance prepares young women to be leaders within and outside of sports.

Our Mission

The Transformative Impact of Women's Coaching Alliance

"Sports has the power to shape and change lives in a positive way and there is nothing more important than creating a future in sports that brings in all voices.

We all get better when there are diverse perspectives, and we embrace those perspectives. The work the Women’s Coaching Alliance is doing is critical for creating this space for athletes and coaches. Women deserve all the same opportunities as any other gender and a world with more female role models is a better one."

Roger Goodell

Commissioner of the NFL

The Heart of Coaching: Empathy, Compassion, and Values

"That's what coaching is. You'll figure out the x's and o's but what do players feel every day when they walk in the gym. Coaching is about values - knowing your values. And for me it's teaching the players to have empathy and compassion for each other, that grows the bond to have a successful season. And it's the exact same stuff - whether you're coaching at the professional, grade school or high school level."

Steve Kerr

NBA Head Coach, Golden State Warriors

"Getting more women involved in coaching sports will help women develop the leadership skills and confidence to be strong and impactful leaders in our organizations, institutions, businesses, and communities. Seeing more women in coaching roles will help everyone recognize, respect and value women as leaders in all areas of our society."

Kate Paye - Stanford Women's Basketball Head Coach

"Coaching can serve as a springboard into leadership roles outside of sports, helping girls and women develop their communication skills and build their confidence. A future with more girls and women coaching sports means a future with more women leaders, which is why the work of the Women's Coaching Alliance is so important."

Patti Phillips - CEO, Women Leaders in  Sports

"All of us are more successful in relationships and careers when we learn at an early age how to compete and achieve goals as a team.  The lessons learned in sport are invaluable.  Having more women involved in a young girl’s life especially in sports sends the message that anything is possible."

Barbara Walker - Deputy Athletic Director, Wake Forest. Retired

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Prepare to lead the way to a future where the wage gap between men and women closes and opportunities for women to lead abound.

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Coach Today, Lead for Life.


young women have already joined

Work with Amazing Female Mentors
Make lifelong friendships.
Earn Money While Leading
Share the Journey with Like-minded Peers
Work with Amazing Female Mentors
Make lifelong friendships.
Earn Money While Leading
Share the Journey with Like-minded Peers

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