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Women's Coaching Alliance is creating a model in the Burlingame, CA community that can scale and be implemented in any community, including those traditionally underserved.

The WCA Model

  • Partner with local sports organizations such as AYSO and Parks & Rec to identify coaching needs for soccer, basketball, flag football, volleyball, softball, cross country teams and beyond.

  • Identify local talent with the help of community leaders, school administrators, and athletic directors who can spot great potential youth coaches.

  • Recruit new coaches and mentors at WCA meet-and-greet events that create WCA community.

  • Train new coaches via video-based learning modules that teach them consistent coaching methodologies, leveraging Positive Coaching Alliance and national sports league content.

  • Establish a supportive framework by pairing coaches with co-coaches and mentors that facilitate meaningful relationships and integrate leadership skill development into coach training. 

  • Implement an evaluation process that strengthens our recruiting, training, and mentoring model.

  • Create a path to internships and jobs so WCA coaches can put their new leadership skills to work.

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