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Empower Girls & Women in Your Community Through Sports

Imagine a world where every girl has the chance to develop leadership skills, confidence, and a lifelong love of sports. You can make that happen by bringing the Women's Coaching Alliance (WCA) to your community.

Our Model

The WCA model is simple yet powerful. We empower young women (ages 15-26) to become coaches for youth sports teams. Through our comprehensive training program, ongoing mentorship, and supportive community, these young women develop essential leadership skills while also inspiring the next generation of athletes.

Be the Spark.

Ignite a WCA Movement in Your Community

Are you passionate about empowering women and girls? Do you believe in the power of sports to change lives? You could be the WCA Maven your community needs.  With your leadership and our support, we can create a thriving WCA chapter in your area.

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Benefits For Your Community

By bringing WCA to your community, you'll be:

Expand Girls' Opportunities

Creating more opportunities for girls to participate in sports.

Cultivate Future Leaders

Developing the next generation of female leaders.

Empower Through Inclusivity

Fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment

Bring WCA to Your Community in 3 Steps


Contact Us

Express your interest by contacting us.


Community Assessment

We'll assess the needs and opportunities in your area.


Build Your Team

Recruit local coaches, mentors, and partners.

"Sexism has been gravity for women's sports, holding us back. We still have so much work to do. It'll take people - all of us - saying, hey, we're going to defy gravity, so let's do it."

Tara VanDerveer

Former Head Coach, Standford University

"You cannot be what you cannot see. Having women be coaches and having young athletes see these women as role models and exemplars of what could be, what can be, ultimately will be."

Lisa Borders

Former President of the WNBA