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Do you know a young woman (ages 15-26) who...

Loves sports and wants to make a difference?
Is a natural leader or role model?
Wants to build confidence and gain valuable skills?
Collaborates with coaches on setting goals, preparing for games and practices, and adjusting plans as needed.

Encourage her to become a coach with the Women's Coaching Alliance (WCA)!

Beyond the Game. Skills for Life.

Coaching is more than just teaching skills. It's a powerful leadership development experience.

Through WCA, she'll:

Learn to lead by inspiring and motivating young athletes.
Develop important skills like communication, decision-making, and problem-solving.
Build a network of supportive mentors and peers.
Gain confidence and realize her full potential.
Make a lasting impact on the lives of young girls and boys.

Your belief in her could make all the difference

By simply suggesting coaching, you can open a door to a world of possibilities for a young woman.



Share this page with the young woman you have in mind.



Have a conversation with her about the benefits of coaching and the WCA program.



Encourage her to apply – it could be the first step on a life-changing journey!

Remember: You don't need to be a coach yourself to make a difference. Your support and encouragement can be the catalyst that sparks a young woman's passion for leadership.

Why Coach?

Never coached before? Wondering what it would be like to coach? Hear from some of our coaches and their experience coaching a youth team.

"Sports has the power to shape and change lives in a positive way and there is nothing more important than creating a future in sports that brings in all voices. We all get better when there are diverse perspectives, and we embrace those perspectives. The work the Women’s Coaching Alliance is doing is critical for creating this space for athletes and coaches. Women deserve all the same opportunities as any other gender and a world with more female role models is a better one."

Roger Goodell

Commissioner of the NFL

"That's what coaching is. You'll figure out the x's and o's but what do players feel every day when they walk in the gym. Coaching is about values - knowing your values. And for me it's teaching the players to have empathy and compassion for each other, that grows the bond to have a successful season. And it's the exact same stuff - whether you're coaching at the professional, grade school or high school level."

Steve Kerr

NBA Head Coach, Golden Sate Warriors