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Chris Ardito


I recall from my youth that although coming from a wonderful family and being a top student and athlete, I was consistently either directly or indirectly told that “girls can’t do …..”  

Starting with playing baseball to having any real career.  And this was exacerbated by the lack of seeing hardly any women in leadership roles that would suggest otherwise.  I am drawn to give back through the Women’s Coaching Alliance and pay forward the confidence and skills I first learned as an athlete and then later in Corporate America, and instead show that girls CAN do anything.  I’ve spent the last 25+ years as an executive in Biotech leading teams, and in my volunteer time coaching every youth sport imaginable for both girls and boys.  My goal is to be that diverse role model in both settings, so they all know anything is possible. As a WCA Board member, I aim to bring my peers along with me and bring along those coming up behind us.  I’m consistently reminded that young women and all youth need more diverse leaders and role models if we are going to build a pipeline of strong leaders in every industry, and youth sports is the perfect place for that message to start.

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