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The Women's Coaching Alliance Leadership Circle represents donors who are philanthropically leading the way to support our mission. Leadership Circle donors give $2500 or more each year so that Women's Coaching Alliance can scale its model and be implemented in any community, including those traditionally underserved. And boost the odds that all kids get a great coach whose positive influence impacts them for life. 

We invite you to join our Leadership Circle if you are able. You’ll be invited to a special annual celebration event and recognized for your leadership gift in our newsletter and website.  

Thank you to all our inaugural donors and your belief in WCA’s mission!

Donations made since the inception of Women's Coaching Alliance through December 31, 2022*

WCA Leadership Circle


Don Garman



Christine Baker

Karin Blair

Michael Brownrigg

Jeff DeMartini

Jill & Rick Fair

Jane Goodell

Andrew Haskell

Caryn Kaufman


Laura and James Ward

We are very grateful for the support of the following donors as well. 

Rob Adams

Tina Adams

Sarah Ahn

George Anastasopoulos

Chris Ardito

Dave Armstrong

Emily Beach

Jessica Benjamin

Rob Benton

Hugo Biertuempfel

Denny Bies

Julian Bill

Cathy Blair

Hillary & Peter Blum

Dawn Bohlmann

Stephen Brockway

Cassino Bruno

Channing & Carrie Chen

Carrie Chen

Jamie Cheng

Kelly Chow

Perissa Clark

Noah & Lorraine Cohen

Jenny Coleman

Donna Colson

Serena Conti

Chad Cook

Jacquie Cooke Haggarty

Larry & Kay Coskey

JS Cranmer

Christine Dawson

Kelley Digby

Krista Donaldson

Bob & Sue Drothler

Charlene Drummer

Julie Eastman

Jacquie Elasz

Michael & Debbie Esposito

The Matthews Family

Curtis Feagin

Mariam Firouzi

Lauren Fix

Scott Fletcher

Christine Gaasch

Adam Garson

Liana Gefter

Christopher Geheran

Michele & Reynold Harbin

Laura Hesselgren

Leslie Holzman

Madelaine Johnson

Debbie & Paul Joncas

Scott Jordan

Gail & Steve Kang

Joe Karp

Timm Kelly

Deven Klein

Jennifer LeBlanc

Dan & Karen Lyons

Eric Mann

Marci Martinucci

Sean McCracken

Caryn McDowell

Paul McGurk

Rick Meidlinger

Stafford Meyer

Sabine Middlemass

Darrin Miles

Sean Moran

Gail Mosse

Mr. & Mrs.Kieran Muldowney

Kim & Brian Nappi

Daniel Nicholas

Kelly Noble

Darlene Pasquill

Jordana Peil

Joanne Penne

Robert Pestrak

Maryann Peterfriend

Kristen Pierce

Chelsea Price-Gallinat

Carol Anne Riddell

Gene Rivera

Linda & Ron Rossen

Matt & Jorden Rossen

Heidi Schell

A Justin Schoenmoser

Matthew Sechrest

Susan Skinner

Jason Sole

Anne Soler

Eveline Stock

Kathy Strem

Beth Strobel

Paul Tantillo

Nancy Tuck

Jordana Weiss

Carol Wells

Craig Williams

Doug Wright

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*Our deepest apologies for any inadvertent omissions. Please contact us to improve our accuracy.

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