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Why It Matters

The 132-Year Wait

At the current rate of progress, it's expected to take an astonishing 132 years to reach leadership gender parity in the US, leaving generations of women without opportunities to lead.

The Coaching Gap

Despite the growing number of female athletes, women hold only 20% of NCAA Division 1 coaching positions.

The Persistent Pay Gap

Women in the U.S. earn just 82 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender pay gap that has remained stubbornly persistent over the past 15 years.

Our Vision

We envision a future where tomorrow's female leaders are today's role models for every child participating in sports. By investing in young women who are passionate about coaching and making a difference in their communities, we set in motion a powerful ripple effect.

We Believe That...

When more young women see coaching experience as leadership experience, more will raise their hands to coach. Investing in these young women is at the core of our values with powerful results:

Early Exposure to Female Leadership

More kids will see women as leaders and role models early on.

Address the Coach Shortage

More communities will have the coaches they need so more kids can play.

Foster Community Engagement

More young women will see the value of making a difference in their communities.

Develop Confident Communicators

More young women will speak confidently about the leadership skills they learned through coaching.

Expand the Mentor Network Impact

More mentors will emerge to support these young women making a difference.

Build a Strong Leadership Foundation

More young women will emerge with the foundational skills, confidence, and support to lead.

Create a Diverse Talent Pipeline

Organizations will have a larger pool of young women to recruit from within their communities with invaluable leadership experience.

Prepare Women for Leadership

More young women will enter the workforce with the foundational skills, confidence, and support needed to lead effectively.

WCA Ambassadors

Nicole Lavoi

Director, Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport

"A concerted effort to recruit, support and engage women sport coaches is important in so many ways! Data supports that same identity role models matter for girls' self-perceptions, confidence, and inspiration to name a few! Girls rarely get a same identity role models in sports, and that needs to change!"

Samantha Salvia

Coach, Athlete, Advocate, Positive Coaching Alliance Trainer

"I'm old enough to have ONLY had women coaches when I was a younger athlete and I'm thankful for, and changed by, their leadership. Sports consistently proves itself to be one of our most effective frameworks for leadership, character, and socio-emotional development.  When we have a major institution like youth sports with leadership that is only about 15% women, we are missing critical voices, perspectives, and role models that would benefit all kids."

Patti Phillips

CEO, Women Leaders in College Sports

"Coaching can serve as a springboard into leadership roles outside of sports, helping girls and women develop their communication skills and build their confidence. A future with more girls and women coaching sports means a future with more women leaders, which is why the work of the Women's Coaching Alliance is so important."

Barbara Walker

Deputy Athletic Director, Wake Forest. Retired

"All of us are more successful in relationships and careers when we learn at an early age how to compete and achieve goals as a team.  The lessons learned in sport are invaluable.  Having more women involved in a young girl’s life especially in sports sends the message that anything is possible."

Mikey Varas

Head Coach of U.S. Under-20 Men's National Team

“Because we have a wealth of untapped human potential that has not been provided the same opportunities. As a man, if I truly value diversity, equity, and inclusion then I need to take a close look in the mirror and recognize I've done more to benefit from this paradigm than to change it."

Kate Paye

Head Coach, Stanford Women’s Basketball

"Getting more women involved in coaching sports will help women develop the leadership skills and confidence to be strong and impactful leaders in our organizations, institutions, businesses, and communities. Seeing more women in coaching roles will help everyone recognize, respect and value women as leaders in all areas of our society."

Sam Rapoport

NFL, Senior Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

"Excluding half the population in any profession means you're leaving out half the talent. Women have the drive, talent, knowledge and passion to coach as much as any gender does. Athletes truly appreciate their coaching environments reflecting society."

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The confidence and skills our participants gain while coaching youth sports prepare them for a future of leadership and equip them to build a more equitable world.

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132 years to reach leadership gender parity? 
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