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Small Commitment, Big Impact

Make a significant difference in young female leaders' lives with just a few hours each week. Your mentorship will shape the next generation of confident, capable women.

Develop Future Leaders

Directly impact the development of future female leaders by providing guidance, support, and wisdom to help young coaches navigate leadership challenges and grow their confidence.

Shatter the Gender Leadership Gap

Be part of a movement to accelerate the timeline for reaching gender leadership parity. Your mentorship helps break down barriers and paves the way for a more equitable future.

What Makes a
Great Mentor?

Are you passionate about providing young women with the tools and experience they need to become future leaders? Do you believe in the power of mentorship and the value of leading by example? If so, we invite you to apply to become a Coach Mentor with the Women's Coaching Alliance.

Your Role as a Coach Mentor

As a Coach Mentor, you'll have the opportunity to guide and support our young coaches as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of leading a youth sports team.

Your role will include:

Attending the Leadership Academy Training at the start of the season
Attending weekly practice and games throughout the season
Participating in weekly debrief and prep calls with your coaches and leader mentor
Collaborating with your coaches on setting goals, preparing for games and practices, and adjusting plans as needed.

What We Look for in a Coach Mentor

To be a successful Coach Mentor, we're looking for individuals who:

Have coached the sport
Understand the importance of prioritizing a positive experience for young athletes over winning at all costs
Can provide references from a previous player or parent of a player they have coached

What You'll Receive

Sample practice plans to help guide your coaching sessions
WCA Coach Training and Mentor materials at our Leadership Academy
A leadership mentor to partner with who will reinforce the coaches' leadership lessons learned
Our coach mentors get the invaluable experience of helping young leaders develop confidence through coaching.

Apply to be a coach mentor

132 years to reach leadership gender parity? Let's shatter that timeline together.

"A lot of times women feel like you have to take a hundred classes in something. Like you've got to have all these degrees, all this background but sometimes you've just got to jump in the pool and swim. I think it's really important that we as women have confidence in other women that they're going to do a great job. We have to encourage and develop pipelines so women can get the opportunity and get the experience and get the confidence."

Tara VanDerveer

Former Stanford University Women’s
Basketball Head Coach

"Sports has the power to shape and change lives in a positive way and there is nothing more important than creating a future in sports that brings in all voices. We all get better when there are diverse perspectives, and we embrace those perspectives. The work the Women’s Coaching Alliance is doing is critical for creating this space for athletes and coaches. Women deserve all the same opportunities as any other gender and a world with more female role models is a better one."

Roger Goodell

Commissioner of the NFL